Fringe Arts

  • Concordia’s Own Chief Squad Makes a Fine Mess Indeed

    Artists Battle at Foufounes Électriques to Cover Its Walls with Graffiti

    Last Wednesday, Foufounes Électriques was invaded by a hoard of graffiti artists that covered the walls of the venue with their canvases. Created by Fresh Paint Gallery, Beaux Dégâts is a project that aims to promote and encourage the practice of graffiti and street art. The latest edition featured a fresh-faced team of three Concordia students.

  • The Stage Becomes a Laboratory

    Concordia Students Provide Annual Dose of Theatre with Short Works Theatre Festival/SIPA

    From Nov. 6 to Nov. 9, the Cazalet Theatre at the Loyola Campus will be enveloped in a dramatic frenzy. Five student groups from Concordia’s theatre program will be putting on a weekend’s worth of shows interspersed with interactive gatherings and art installations.

  • Caribou Plays The Sentimental DJ

    Dan Snaith Finds His Voice on the Lush, Dancey Our Love LP

    Accessibility is a tough art to master. Writing music with universal appeal can come off as pandering, or just outright bland.

  • The Dark Side of Rose-Coloured Lenses

    Richard Mosse’s Visual Installation Shines a Colourful Hue over Instability in the DRC

    Casting a pink hue over a modern-day Heart of Darkness, Irish photographer Richard Mosse documents the effects of armed conflict on everyday life in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, unveiling violence and instability that has largely been misunderstood and insufficiently covered by Western media.

  • Baby Face Killa Enters The Underworld

    Rapper Freddie Gibbs Shows Canada Love During Show At Cabaret Underworld

    “Y’all want to hear some Canadian shit?” yelled DJ Izzo, the opening act for Friday night’s set at Cabaret Underworld. He was met with boos from possibly unpatriotic and restless fans that had waited since as early as 8 p.m. for the American indie rapper Freddie Gibbs.

  • Spinning a New Urban Yarn

    Feminist Art Magazine Yiara Gets Set to Yarn-bomb the Downtown Landscape

    Last Wednesday morning found the VAV gallery at Concordia’s Fine Arts building in an unusual state: balls of yarn hung in the windows, couches and comfy chairs turned one corner into a living room and the walkway leading up to the entrance of the building asked in bright chalk, “Feeling Crafty?”

  • What’s For Dinner? Western Imperialism

    While Rats Eat Pie Brings the Tragedy of War to the Dinner Table

    A group of 13 individuals eat dinner with a PTSD-suffering war journalist, downing shots of liquor from the Eastern Bloc, eating pie, and discussing the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia. Although everyone at the table is part of a play, only one of them is an actor—in this production, to spectate is to participate. While Rats Eat Pie fully immerses its cast-audience hybrid in the fallout of what has moved from the tragic to the historical.

  • Changing the Conventions of Techno

    New Music Collective “Human Pause” Promotes Avant-Garde Experimental Electro

    The new electro-art platform Human Pause is throwing its official launch party on Oct. 24, marking its debut in the Montreal music scene.

  • What Is Photography When Everyone’s a Photographer?

    Joan Fontcuberta Explores the Transitional State of Photography Caused by the Second Digital Revolution

    Today, we can all claim to be photographers. With the proliferation of digital cameras, cellphones and the ability of photographic devices to technologically enhance images, we all possess the means to produce quality photos with just one click.

  • Leaving the Working Class Life for Rock ‘n’ Roll

    Indie Rock Band ‘The Glorious Sons’ Tours Canada to Resurrect Rock ‘n’ Roll

    Indie rock band The Glorious Sons have dropped a new album, The Union, an acknowledgment of the members’ labour-intensive jobs before the band’s formation.