Fringe Arts

  • Tangente Dance Collective Showcases Concordia Students’ Work

    Twi Dancers Pop Up on the Local Scene

    Only minutes later, a lanky bearded man moseys around the stage in leather heels, teasing the audience as he strikes glamorous, dramatic poses with seven-metre cuts of satin and tulle. Eryn Tempest and Manuel Shink, the two dancers, wowed audiences this weekend at Monument National as part of Tangente’s “New Waves” series.

  • The Temperance Movement Moseys Over to Montreal

    All the Way from Scotland, Hard Rock Band is Humbled to Take the Stage in our Fine City

    His eyes continued to dart around the room. Meanwhile, the rest of the band busily unpacked and made coffee runs for what would be a long day of rehearsing and sound testing.

  • A Peek at Le Festival du Nouveau Cinema

    Film Entries Include a Collaboration with Studio Ghibli, Queer Issues and More

    “There’s something for everyone,” said Nicolas Girard Deltruc, FNC Executive Director.

  • Poems of the Week

    On Atomic Love + More

    Some poetry!

  • “Call Me Iggy”

    Punk Legend Iggy Pop Speaks at Red Bull Music Academy

    “Call me Iggy,” he said.

  • A Week in Review: The Best of POP Montreal

    15th Edition of the City-Wide Music Festival Ended Last Weekend

    So we got through POP—trust, it’s easier said than done. Among some of the unlikely things to happen, we managed to scrape by with few instances of drinking on the metro and peeing in alleyways. Here’s the recap on all the crazy shows we went to:

  • Exploring Jewish Culture Through Theatre

    My Name Is Asher Plays at the Segal Centre Until October 2

    Written by American author and rabbi Chaim Potok and adapted to theatre by Aaron Posner, the play follows the life of famous artist Asher Lev. Set in the late 1950’s, My Name is Asher Lev explores Lev’s bumpy road to adulthood in the Hasidic Jewish community of Brooklyn.

  • Free Cake For Every Creature: The Icing on Top of POP Montreal

    Frontwoman Katie Bennett Talks Ugly Muffins and Figuring Your Shit Out

    What does it mean to have your shit together? Is it showing up on time? Making your bed every morning? Actually sitting down to eat dinner? Is it inviting people over and not being ashamed of your apartment?

  • Artist Jayson Musson Speaks at POP Montreal

    On Blackness, Politics and Art

    Art Pop and Pop Montreal Symposium held a discussion and screening for New York-based artist Jayson Musson that gave audience members an in-depth look at his 14-year multimedia career.

  • Vernissage Provides a Space for Black Feminist Art

    The 12th Montreal International Black Film Festival Kicks Off With a Feminist Art Show

    Desta can’t be older than five or six-years-old. She’s sitting crossed-legged, staring intently at the globe placed in front of her. The intrigue on her face is visible.