Fringe Arts

  • Antigone à la Montréalaise

    Concordia’s Theatre Department Takes Sophocles’ Antigone to the Metro

    Known as one of the best dramatic plays ever written, Sophocles’ Antigone captures something essential about human nature and the power of the state. Although it was written as early as 441 BC, Sophocles’ message is still on point, as the play presents civil disobedience as a moral responsibility while denouncing the dangers of having an autocratic leader.

  • A Planet by Design

    Architects and Designers Seek New Ways to Confront Ecological Debt

    “We’re tipping towards the unknown,” said President of Buckminster Fuller Institute David McConville, setting the tone for the two-day Degeneration-Regeneration conference held on March 27 and 28.

  • Knowing to Play the Keys Halfway

    Seymour: An Introduction Screens at Docville, as part of RIDM

    Ethan Hawke’s debut documentary film Seymour: An Introduction is a product of the actor’s own existential and professional crisis, as he tells the camera early on in the movie—before stepping back to leave the scene to his friend and mentor Seymour Bernstein.

  • Changing Islands, Keeping the Roots

    Reggae Artist Face T Gets Jiggy with the Montreal Crowd

    As uncommon as it may sound, Reggae artist Face-T, though raised in Jamaica, was actually born on Canadian soil and moved to Jamaica early on. He grew up on the west side of the Caribbean island in a small village of only 500 people. It was in Montreal, however, that Face-T started making music professionally.

  • Not Just a Girl Band, Not Just a Cover Band

    Hervana Are Bringing Back Nirvana and Riot Grrrl All at Once

    Nirvana was great. I mean, Nevermind kind of sucked, but even that record is good in a pop-grunge kind of way. What I’m saying is, no matter who you are, I think we can all agree: Nirvana was fucking great, and it sucks that they’re gone. But don’t despair, because Hervana is giving us everything we miss about Nirvana with the added bonus of riot grrrl, a great cause and a shit ton of puns.

  • Busting Out Hebrew Beats

    Hip-Hop Artist Socalled Blends Religious Traditions with Inner-City Funk

    “The first rap I ever wrote was called ‘The Jew Funk’,” the wiry, well-spoken man sitting in front of our class said. “I remember there was this one line where I was like ‘Baruch Atah Adonai, mother fucker!’ Which is a Jewish prayer.” Josh Dolgin smiled nervously and joined in the class’s laughter. He wore a hoodie and jeans and sported a somewhat receding Jew-fro. His tiny dog Poopsie sat on his lap. He was a casual-looking person, though a little jumpy.

  • Challenging Ethnocentric Visions of Orientalism

    Artexte Hosts a Marathon Reading and Workshop on Edward Said

    Stemming from a reflection on notions such as the other, post-colonial theory and the politics of representation, Artexte is convening a marathon reading of key works by famous intellectual Edward Said.

  • Watching Grass Grow

    How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Vancouver

    There was a time when I believed that Canada would be the first country in North America to legalize weed. Sure California had its pseudo-legal dispensaries since 1996 but in 2003 we had Prime Minister Jean Chrétien proudly announce, “I will have my money for my fine and a joint in the other hand,” when marijuana was on the verge of being decriminalized.

  • An Artist’s Perspective on Intimacy

    Art Matters Explores Our Relation with Intimacy in a Digital World

    In a society where we are all connected and constantly putting ourselves on display, what is left of our intimacy?

  • The Theatre Underdog Fights Back

    Revolution They Wrote: Concordia’s Short Works Feminist Theatre Festival Premiered at Café Cléopatra on Saturday Night

    Less than a week after International Women’s Day, the three-day festival addresses topics of feminism, homophobia, transphobia, drug use, sex work and love.