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  • Québécois 101

    Pitoune (Pea-tune): “Une pitoune” may refer to two things. In the popular Québécois French it is used to describe a beautiful young girl or a promiscuous girl depending on the tone and context. Since it can hold a pejorative meaning it is not recommended to use the word outside of colloquial conversations. Pitoune may also describe a log. Back in the day, a “draveur” or raftman would hop on the “pitounes” drifting down the rivers to the paper mills.

    Comic by Paku Daoust-Cloutier

  • Power Theatre

    Comic by Alex Callard

  • False Knees

    Comic by Joshua Barkman

  • Crossword Answers

    Find our crossword every Tuesday in our print edition. Crossword by Liana di Iorio.

  • Québécois 101

    Avoir le coeur gros (A-vwar-luh-car-grow): No, this expression does not translate to “to have a big heart.” Rather, its English equivalent is “to have a heavy heart.” This expression means that a person is sad or melancholic, and is a reference to one’s chest expanding and tightening up when they feel anguish or sadness.

    Comic by Paku Daoust-Cloutier