Michelle Pucci

  • Protesters Visit Laval Immigration Detention Centre to Commemorate Lindsay Strikes

    Last Saturday, 60 demonstrators protested in front of the Laval immigration detention centre to commemorate last year’s migrant strike in Lindsay, Ont.

  • Planting The Seeds Of A Community

    ConU Grad Works to Bring Fresh Vegetables and Community Spirit to the Plateau

    It’s amazing how far a little bit of chicken wire can get you. A community gardening initiative is getting itself off the ground with the help of sundry donations like extra wood and shovels.

  • A Permanent Work of Art

    For the 12th year, Montreal’s Art Tattoo Show Brings International Artists to the Windsor Station.

  • Paint Turtle Island

    Local and International Street Artists Gather for an Anti-Colonial Street Artist Convergence.

  • Link Picks: Nightlife

    Montreal is known for its timid nature.

  • Link Picks: Restaurants

    Montreal has a reputation for having tons of restaurants and students have a reputation for having no time—or motivation—to cook. So whether you’re looking for a cheap dinner spot to take a break from the library or a tasty place to spend some good times with friends, we’ve compiled a list of yummy must-try places for you.

  • Osheaga Diary

    A Recollection of the Festival’s 2013 Edition

    Remember when you could go to Osheaga and find a prime spot to sit on the mountain overlooking the main stage?

  • Forza Suoni

    13 Years of the Sounds of Liberation with Suoni per il Popolo

    Also known as the festival of liberation music, Suoni per il Popolo is the festival child of Montreal’s Casa del Popolo team that seeks to turn the spotlight on the city’s most innovative and often ignored musicians—and genuinely nice people.

  • Bicycling Is Not A Crime

    Cam Novak and Roadsworth Paint Montreal Bike Culture

    As Urban Cycling Week comes to an end, Montrealers can still catch a glimpse of the consciousness-raising project in the form of a mural on St. Marc St. and Ste. Catherine…

  • Digital Sightseeing

    New Media Arts Festival Sight + Sound Interprets the Black Market

    Organized by the Eastern Bloc, Montreal’s multimedia exhibition centre, the Sight + Sound festival will exhibit installations and host performances by international digital media artists from around the world, beginning today.

  • “Sorry, We’re Open”

    Club Roll Mashes Major Label Connections with Indie Cred

    One day last year, former president of Montreal’s Last Gang Records Lenny Levine met with Pop Montreal founder Dan Seligman at a café to ask him to start a record label.

  • 40 Years of Film at Concordia

    Mel Hoppenheim Students Present Their Films to the World

    Concordia filmmakers are screening their short film productions during the 40th annual Concordia Film Festival, which kicks off today.

  • April 9 to April 20

    Weekly listings of all things Fringe in Montreal.

  • The Underground Party Network of the Future

    For anyone who has dreamed of hosting the greatest Montreal house party ever, Speakeasy is here to help make that dream a reality.

  • Lady-Players

    Ten Women Become First-Time Game-Makers in a Montreal Incubator

    It’s no secret that Montreal’s gaming industry is booming, and the Pixelles Game Incubator is here to encourage women to be a part of it.

  • Invisible Minorities?

    Underrepresentation of Women, People of Colour an Unacceptable Phenomenon

    When Myriam Tardif, Rushdia Mehreen and Beatriz Munoz recently resigned from the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante, they made sure everyone knew it was because of their minority statuses.

  • Artists on “I Have a Dream”

    Exhibition Based on Martin Luther King for Black History Month

    In the multidisciplinary exhibition MLK 50, six contemporary artists reinterpret Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

  • Black History Month Dreams Bigger

    February Packed With Events Celebrating History, Culture

    For fifty years, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream has become more of a reality, but Montreal’s Black History Month reminds us the road to social equality isn’t over.

  • Vinyl Lives

    L’Oblique Record Store Celebrates 25 Years in Business

    Only few years ago, music lovers seemed to be mourning the death of vinyl and CDs. Yet Montreal record store Boutique L’Oblique has continued to thrive in the music scene for 25 years.

  • A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

    Shtetl on the Shortwave Organizes a Cohen-Cover Morning

    For those who can’t wait for Leonard Cohen’s homecoming performances next week—or can’t afford tickets to see the crooning poet live—his music will be performed by local musicians at one of the artist’s favourite eats, Bagel Etc.