Michelle Pucci

  • MSA Reacts to Damning TVA Reportage

    Concordia’s Muslim Student Association received a surprise visit by a TVA journalist last week, who went to the club’s office in search of books by religious extremists.

  • Stepping Away from the Sidelines

    Departing Men’s Basketball Coach Reflects on Legacy

    Stingers basketball players probably see him more often than they see their parents. John Dore has been the man on the sidelines of every men’s basketball game for the past 26 years, as well as the man behind the never-frowning but stern lips and eyes permanently pinched from smiling, or maybe exhaustion.

  • Reggie’s to Open in September

    Students to Vote on Renovation Costs and the Future of CUSAcorp

    The highly anticipated reopening of Concordia’s student bar could take place this fall if Concordia students vote to approve a multimillion-dollar budget for renovations.

  • Selling the Stingers Story

    Concordia Athletics to Launch Collaboration with Students

    Director of Recreations and Athletics Patrick Boivin hopes to revitalize Concordia athletics, and he’s working on a project that will involve students.

  • Give me a Home Where the Undergrads Roam

    CSU Advances Student Housing Initiative

    With a little time and investment, Concordia students will eventually be removed from Montreal’s tenant market. At least that’s the goal of the Concordia Student Union’s ongoing housing campaign.

  • Obsessive-Despondent Disorder

    Concordia Graduates Perform Adam Rapp’s at the Mainline

    Red Light Winter is the story of two friends, Matt and Davis, who head to Amsterdam and end up in a love triangle with a prostitute, Christina. Matt is depressed, and following his suicide attempt, Davis arrives at their place in Amsterdam with Christina to cheer him up. Instead, the love triangle that ensues creates conflict and carries over to Manhattan when they return.

  • UQAM Student Association Votes to leave FEUQ

    Education students at UQAM voted to leave the federation of student associations in a referendum vote in January.

  • A Modern Urban Jungle

    Field of Possibilities Brings Green to Industrialized Area

    In the corner of the Mile End, behind the industrial buildings and near the train tracks residents often cross illegally, there’s a stretch of land locals refer to as the “Champ des Possibles.”

  • The Monarch Butterfly, the Gray Whale and the Free Trade Agreement

    Tearing Down Borders for Environmental Solutions

    Canada, the U.S. and Mexico share a lot. While borders divide North America, free trade agreements from the 1990s allow products and resources to move easily through them. Shared environmental governance, on the other hand, is still in the works.

  • CSU Briefs

    Loyola office move expenses approved; general election nomination dates announced; advocacy centre to open in March

  • Tuition Payment Deadline Extended

    New Online Student System Fixes Glitches

    The tuition fee deadline has been extended in response to confusion and minor glitches in the new “Student Centre” within the MyConcordia portal.

  • Forgotten Boroughs

    Historians Present Book on Archived Photographs Documenting Bygone Montreal Neighbourhoods

    Snapshots of women hanging laundry in makeshift courtyards and back alleys, children hanging over precariously built railings and curious residents and shop owners staring at city workers photographing corner stores—these are the only mementos of parts of Montreal’s working-class history.

  • TRAC Off Track

    Union Will Remain Without Executive Until Heard by National Body

    Internal fighting is threatening to derail Concordia’s teaching assistants’ bargaining power with the university.

  • The Spending Culture of Science

    Funding Redistribution Threatens Science Promoters

    When the Quebec government decided to reverse spending cuts to science publications, it proved two points: science funding is in a fragile state and the austerity project isn’t all that well thought out.

  • Briefs

    Lone Bedbug in Library, Resuscitation of L’Organe

    Concordia admits that one bedbug was found in the library, and francophone magazine L’Organe will be making a comeback.

  • Simplifying the Student User Experience

    How Smartphone Apps are Changing Universities

    There’s an app for everything. Whether you’re looking for a ride, medical advice or girl scout cookies, a 20-second download is the only thing in your way.

  • Concordia Leans Green

    University’s Foundation Commits to Partial Divestment

    The people that control Concordia’s biggest investment fund, creatively named the Concordia University Foundation, are reserving a portion of that money for companies that care about the environment.

  • Professor Takes Montreal Police to Court for Alleged Assault During Student Strikes

    A McGill professor is suing the city of Montreal for misconduct after being allegedly beaten and pepper sprayed during the student strikes on Nov. 10, 2011.

  • CSU By-Election Referendum Walkthrough

    Six Questions Will Appear on the By-Election Ballot

    What students will be voting for during this week’s by-elections

  • Leaked CSU Audit Reveals $330,000 Deficit from Last Year

    $60,000 surplus from CSU’s budget last year revealed to actually be a deficit of $331,793