Gonzo Support

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Gonzo Nieto since I started here at Concordia. As a bit of a nerd myself, it was really refreshing to see someone who shared the same enthusiasm and passion for psychology.

This enthusiasm translates to everything he takes on. With campaign slogans and glossy posters it can be hard to figure out how genuine some candidates are. But I can assure that you should have no doubts when it comes to this candidate.

I encourage you to stop him in the halls for a chat to see for yourself. This genuine concern for our school can be seen with his involvement over this past year with überculture, the unofficial no campaign for the student centre, WHALE and the organization for the fight against tuition hikes in Quebec City. All of these projects undertaken because these matters truly strike a chord with him. It was no surprise when I found out he was running for a position on next year’s CSU, it’s the next logical step for him to take to be able to make a difference at this school. Please, don’t take my word for it—talk to these candidates so you can get a feel of where they are coming from, the slogans really can’t capture it.

—Stefanie Brideau,

This article originally appeared in The Link Volume 31, Issue 28, published March 29, 2011.

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